Sunday, March 6, 2011


60 Minutes, Sunday, March 6, 2011: HARD TIMES GENERATION

The story brought me to tears.  Now my heart aches from anger and disgust.  This is not right!  How can we be proud to be  Americans when our country permits families to sink into tragedy?  Is it OK to bail out wall street and general motors, yet allow good American citizens to sink to the fringe of survival?

Here is the story:;photovideo

It was much worse on TV.  There, you watched it in high definition.  There, you saw the CBS Money Watch message brought to you by XXX immediately following.  There, you gagged at the stream of senseless commercials designed to get people to part with their disposal money.

What about the family that has no disposal money?

What about the politician who is so eager to declare the "recession" to be in recession?

What about the television news magazine that shows the trashing of American values without asking anybody to change it?

Mindlessness is awareness without anger
Depression is anger without action
Determination is action without uncertainty
Fury is the fearlessness of collective consciousness
Trampling the comfortable toleration of human indignity


  1. I still think you should add a brief one or two sentences that tell us what the 60min story touched on. Otherwise I don't really understand why you'd be so upset, or what you're responding too. This post should be about YOU after all, so if I have to go to a third part website to understand your story, that's putting up a barrier for me as a reader. The story should inspire me to find out more info for myself after I've read what you post here.

  2. Maybe. Consider that the blog is about my experience of life. In that way of looking, the outside stimuli are tangential.

    Nonetheless, I see your point. To tell the entire 60 Minutes story would be "storytelling". However, a sentence or two would set the stage by making my experience more understandable.

    OK: The 60 Minutes story in question was a look at how the number of children growing up in poverty is increasing. Perhaps as much as 25% of children have lost their sense of stability and normalcy as "9%" of adults have reportedly lost their jobs as a result of the 2008-present economic downturn.