Thursday, February 3, 2011

Step Outside

Delores is feeling bombarded.

So many projects and things to acquire.  Trouble is, I barely have enough time to keep the regular part of my life going.  Perhaps this reflects the fact that my ambitions are at odds with wanting what I already have.  This is certainly one way to live your life: don’t take satisfaction from what you have, and desire that which you don’t have.  One could call this the road to salvation and notice how much misery lies on this road.

Consider: wanting is merely a heuristic (a strategy, a rule of thumb).  Wanting is easier than… what?  Than happiness, satisfaction, joy (not pleasure), contentment.  And suppose you add system complexity to the mix?  Then wanting goes out the door, along with the rest of the useless trash.

Do you see the problem?  Once you connect with the system, then you leave the pale where almost all of humanity resides.  Where can you find your friends now?  It is almost inevitable that you will seek the company of outsiders.  Some of them can stay open-minded.  They’ve seen too much.  Conventions and norms don’t drive them.

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