Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Independence Day

July 4, 2012, Bob Fiske

Happy Birthday Independence Day

Happy Birthday AEAD.
It is July Fourth.
Your combined ages is 167 years.

I hope you are well.
I hope your spirit is lifted.
I hope your spirit knows it’s lifted.
I hope you know how to lift your spirit.
I hope your path is the journey of a lifted spirit lifting spirits.
May you also experience peace and compassion.
May you and all living beings find connectedness and compassion in the path ahead.

As I seem to see what lies on the path ahead I know that calmness could be our greatest virtue.
As we awaken to what we have created, with a calm spirit we could fully open our eyes and our minds.
From clear, calm seeing we could begin to accept the truth of what we have done and grasp it without blame or remorse.
As friends we could begin to fully accept the state of the world and the state of ourselves.
With a calm regard we could begin to accept the pain of knowing and, from that, the peaceful release of responsibility.
As companions on our one ship earth we could know each other warmly.
We could reside quietly as though in the restful time of the setting sun.
We could be ourselves newly and be aware that, in the new dawning, petty disputes and trivial concerns could be put aside.
We could accept the role of doing the greater work of serving the harmonious welfare of all that is impermanent.
We could understand that we are imperfect knowers of Good and embrace our limitations even while we strive to reflect It into the world.
We could identify our inner selves, experiencing that this is who we were all along.
We could realize that the struggle to be our authentic selves was bound to lead us to this place.
And this place could allow us to live as ourselves, in the deepest sense possible.

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