Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prudence Makes a Discovery

Prudence didn't know she had a blog inside her. A blog means you write a lot. She used to look at Nils and think, "Now he knows how to write!" In truth, Nils and she have a lot in common. They both like to think, and both of them are intellectual explorers, willing to sacrifice opinions for truth. Looking back, Prudence would admit that she found inspiration in Nils' writing.

It took her by surprise. She was riding her bike (actually Sarif's bike, on long-term loan) along the river bike trail on a breezy, sunny, not-too-warm day last week when it struck her: I have a lot to say! She realized that it could take a lifetime to get her thoughts published in the book market. But why should that stop her? There is all this blogging technology out there, so why not use it!?!

The idea, having taken root, would not die. It seemed to grow the more she thought about it (which, of course, she is very good at). After poking around a bit, Prudence has finally taken the plunge. This brings us to today. Welcome, Dear Reader.

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